Fees and charges

Edenvale Manor is controlled by the requirements of the Aged Care Act 1997.


Fees and charges are prescribed by the Department of Health as required by all Residential Aged Care facilities in Australia.


Income and assets will determine the fees and charges residents pay. Our management team can assist you with more information, or contact the Department of Health or Centrelink.


New Residents have a choice to pay for their accommodation either as Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD), the equivalent Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP) or a combination of both. Please contact Shona on 9337 7343 during business hours for more information.

Fee structure

Shared accommodation

  • DAP (per day): $40.82
  • RAD: $250,000


Private accommodation
With en-suite

  • DAP (per day): $57.15
  • RAD: $350,000


Premium private accommodation

With en-suite

  • DAP (per day): $65.31
  • RAD: $400,000


RAD current interest rate is 5.96%.


Basic Daily Care Fee is $50.66.


Figures correct as of 20th of September 2018.



Accounts are calculated on a monthly basis and posted or emailed in advance to the nominated person responsible for the account.


The preferred method of payment is by direct debit and the form is completed on admission. Other forms of payment will be by agreement only.


All enquiries related to accounts received should be directed to the Accounts Department during office hours (Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays) on 9846 4900.


Pharmacy accounts

Dominic Marchione is our preferred pharmacist and can be contacted on 9336 1323. Pharmacy accounts are billed from the pharmacy, and payments are to be made directly to the pharmacy. Our pharmacy delivers medication in the form of Webster Packs. We cannot accept any medication that is not packed in a Webster Pack.

Contact us

Phone (03) 9337 7343

Fax (03) 9337 4290

Email reception@edenvalemanor.com.au

Address 188A Sterling Drive, East Keilor VIC 3033

About us

Edenvale Manor is a family owned aged care facility in East Keilor offering residents low care, high care and palliative care in a home-like environment.


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